For an order, please publish and fill the purchase order below by registering there the selected title and tariff of the work. Works are payable 50% with the order, by bank check in the name of Emile RAMIS (or international money order out of the zone euro) and balances it in against-refunding with the delivery. For a payment in only once at the order, you save the postal expenses.
To directly address your order and your réglement to the workshop EMILE RAMIS. The delivery periods are from two to five weeks following the cases and two months for orders of particular paintings.

Thank you for your confidence.

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Share in the expenses of port and packing (Followed Collisimo)
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Herewith my payment by cheque, postal with the order of: Emile RAMIS.
For the foreigner, payments only by international money order.

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21, rue Suzanne Lenglen - F-66280 SALEILLES
Tel : 33 (0)4 68 83 39 78 ou (0)4 68 61 55 46
Email : emile.ramis.art@wanadoo.fr

As works travel to the risks of the recipient, do not forget to control your parcel in the presence of the conveyors and to carry out, if necessary, of the precise reserves according to rules' of uses.


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