Self- taught Catalan Artist
Painter and Phographer


Born physically disabled in Barcelona in 1946. After completing his schooling in Toulouse, he produces his first oil painting in Perpignan. From 1968 he exhibits his works in various public places and is praised in the press.
In 1974, he gets the Jericho Prize at Toulon and participates in various plastic arts shows.
In 1981 he is awarded the Gold Medal for the Prix de France in colour photography.
In 1996, he participates in the international exhibition in homage to Dali at Rosas and the following year wins first prize in the Artis Tour at Perpignan station.

In 1968 and 2001 he is selected for the Festival of photo journalism in Off de Visa with his pictures of Perpignan.
In 2003, the first international plastic art show of Perpignan, establish the Price "Emile Ramis" for prizing other artists.

I began taeching myself oil painting in 1961, after returning from my studies in Toulouse.
Isolated through my disability, i wanted to overcome inactivity by expressing in light and colour what i cannot say in words.
I love the bright colours of the Mediterranean, which are reflected not only in my landscapes, inspired by countries i have visited, but also in my personal compositions.
I paint the subjets that i feel within me, not those that are expected of me...

A passion, an expression... My aim is to treat photography as if it were the written word.
To capture a moving moment in nature, showing it just as it is.
The most important element of my photos is the composition, the comes sensitivity and color.
Random snaphsots of everyday life, but also a little touch of humour and surrealism in accordance with the subject.
From each of my trips i bring back bagfuls of transparency films which i then print, after careful selection, on colour only photographic paper.
Lost causes interest me. I am passionate about minority actions.
Most of my photos deal with subjects that are perhaps unusual, that can disturb or bring a smile, or even evoke melancholy images that have been erased by our artificial world.
I collect images that i file, then at the right moment i take them out of my archives to work with them. I work at my own pace, in private, in order to produce an element of surprisse.


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